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James Learns He Has Autism


This book introduces autism to children of all abilties. It can be used to explain to a child with autism what autism is. At the same time, it can be used to educate typical peers. As I shared this book with my son's class, many of the other students realized that they share more things in common with James than they had previously thought. They also began to reach out to him outside of school. The impact on his peers, and in turm James, was profoundly positive. Their positive attitudes were shared with their parents.


In the back of the book are notes for parents, grandparents, guardians, and any one else who has the opportunity to interact with a person with autism. There is also a list of additional resources that will be helpful. Throughout the book are questions to further engage the child.


This is such a great book! As a parent of a son with autism, Carolyn's books are wonderful and helpful!! Love it!

Reviewer from Amazon


I love Carolyn Huston's books. James is a delightful little boy who lives with autism, but endears himself to all our hearts.

Reviewer from Amazon

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